Generate a unique id, having - hopefully - a very small chance of collission.

For now this is provided by uuid.uuid4().

carrot.utils.partition(S, sep)

Iterate over all elements in the iterator, and when its exhausted yield the last value infinitely.

carrot.utils.retry_over_time(fun, catch, args=[], kwargs={}, errback=None, max_retries=None, interval_start=2, interval_step=2, interval_max=30)

Retry the function over and over until max retries is exceeded.

For each retry we sleep a for a while before we try again, this interval is increased for every retry until the max seconds is reached.

  • fun – The function to try
  • catch – Exceptions to catch, can be either tuple or a single exception class.
  • args – Positional arguments passed on to the function.
  • kwargs – Keyword arguments passed on to the function.
  • errback – Callback for when an exception in catch is raised. The callback must take two arguments: exc and interval, where exc is the exception instance, and interval is the time in seconds to sleep next..
  • max_retries – Maximum number of retries before we give up. If this is not set, we will retry forever.
  • interval_start – How long (in seconds) we start sleeping between retries.
  • interval_step – By how much the interval is increased for each retry.
  • interval_max – Maximum number of seconds to sleep between retries.
carrot.utils.rpartition(S, sep)

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